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am i cool enough?...

Claire Anneleise Hawkes
Age: 15 in like 13 days
Sex: girl
Location: Sydney Australia

6 bands: Something Corporate, Senses Fail, Coheed and Cambria, Hawthorne Heights, Millencollin, Finch
5 movies:The Longest Yard, White Noise, Cruel Intentions, Puberty Blues, Beauty & the Beast
4 tv shows:Will and Grace, Supernanny, The Simpsons, Sex & the City
3 foods: Olive & Rocket salad, Lolli Pops, French Fries
2 books:The Red Tree - Shaun Tan, Memoirs of a Geisha - Arthur Golden
1 color:Dark red...make the relation

Views On..
Sex before marriage: I have nothing against it although dont do it under the influence kids but only if you are sure it would be terrible to regret it my friend has been there i cant stand to see the pain in her eyes it ruined her life because it was the wrong boy and when its quiet and she is thinking it kills me inside
look i don't smoke myself except for when i am with my friends at a party and they giggle and sneak me a drag i giggle along we feel so rebelious and hard core...not nah they smoke ill take a drag its all meh meh
Drinking: Wanna hear my personal experience that effects my views .. i mixed spirets...and had 16 shots it was my first time drinking and it was not pretty so i hopped along to my school dance party spinning but then half an hour later im gone i vomit all over the girls toilets  floor and onto my fav teachers shoes i feel like dump they take me to the office and i get full on questioned i said i had a tummy bug and since i am SRC i had to come and help stoopid school beleived me so anyways that night 9 girls from the year below me got suspended and i got sent home secretly drunk and very sick i never ever listen to other people i only learn the hard way its a terrible attribute but i learnt i ahvnt had a drop of alcohol touch my touge since i was young and stoopid
Drugs: look i see nothing against pot i dont know what it is but anything else is juts not on my good side i dont know its something about pot that amkes it okay in my mind
Brittany Spears: he he he stoopid girl so classy *sarcasm*
as in george sorry im from aus all i know is that he is an old fellow and hell like i give a shit about politics that sounds ignorant and arrogant right but hell im 14 im gunna have fun, rock on and be a kid for the next 13 days

Whats your style?...
:: discribe to us what you're like.. (maybe just what you typically look like/wear)

i am so mixed up you would look at me and swear to god i stepped out fo the far away tree okay a basic day for me is my ahir straightened or curled and put up in a messy bun or left out a natural base but bright as blush bright as eyes shadow around smoky eyes and a pair of golf punk pants with suspenders a nice plain black cap sleeve with a white underneath with thumb holes oh and a pair of high top converse

LIKES: reading, writing, the writtin word, food, music, potato chips and knitting

HATES: Arrogant Iggnorant people, Liars, and stuck up girls is it too hard to smile back

Lyrics that best describes you: Look i dont have one that desribes me i do not claim songs as been my anthems but i sure as hell definatly have a favourite set of lyrics that were so beautifull and meaningfull to me they were etched into my memory for life ill post a link to them http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/the-saddest-song-lyrics-Ataris/3A628EF79F12C23548256CC70008A2CA

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post picture here-at the end-(optional!)

in the middle in my uniform with my mini skirt on hahaha

thanx guys XXx.. spread the love



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